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Angels in America, Written by Tony Kushner, Directed by Mark Wing Davey, Costumes by Catherine Zuber

1994, American Conservatory Theatre, San Francisco


I was fortunate enough to be the Head of Wardrobe for this amazing production. Ms. Zuber had the daunting task of designing costumes for eight actors playing multiple roles. I made a detailed flow chart to show where and when each of the actors made their changes. It was my first experience working with flying rigging and I found it to be an exhilarating challenge. The cast had over fifty wig and costume changes, often switching between decades and sexes as well!

Running the show was a marathon, not only because of the length of the two plays (four hours each) but the intensity of the emotional content of the piece. Facing this monumental endeavor together, eight shows a week for a year, the cast and crew became a family. It consistently sold out, was extended five times, and became the longest running show in A.C.T.’s history.

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