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A New Hope, The Empire Strikes, and Return of the Jedi Special Edition, LucasFilm, 1996,  Written by George Lucas

When digital technology had caught up to the creative vision of George Lucas, he wanted to  spruce up and re-release his Star Wars Trilogy. After we created creatures and filmed them on a blue screen, the computer graphic artists duplicated them and made it look like the scenes were populated with thousands of extras.


This was one of the most exciting jobs I’ve had: being involved with a film that has become a cultural icon. I was hired by Annie Polland to refurbish the existing costumes, (some of which had been in storage since the late 70’s) build some new creatures, and dress them on the set.

I constructed three new dancing girls for Jabba the Hutt's Cantina, reconstucted the musicians in the band, and remade Ewoks.

I did fabrication and wardrobe for additional scenes in the Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars. My final job at Industrial Light and Magic was to build the motion capture suit for Phantom Menace. These are the costumes with electronic pick points that the digital animators can use to build a CGI alien.  

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