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The Tempest, Directed by Albert Takazauckas, Costumes by Beaver Bauer

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Golden Gate Park Sept 29 – Oct 13 1991


This was the first of many productions I had the pleasure of working with Beaver Bauer, an innovative and imaginative costume designer. She taught me so much about incorporating various historical and cultural aspects of fashion and weaving them into a new vision to suit a different show. I also learned about working on a tight budget. She gave me bolts and bolts of white raw silk and I dyed them specifically to her color palette, from which we built the entire wardrobe. Along with dye work, and making hats and accessories, I also had the honor of working closely with the late great actor, Sydney Walker. He graciously told me how much he appreciated the airbrushing I did to create Prospero’s magic cape.

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